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10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fennel Seeds

Posted by Admin on October, 19, 2021

Fennel seeds have a very distinctly aromatic and flavourful taste that is used in cooking. It tastes like the star anise, a whole aromatic spice. But the best part is that it has many health benefits that are a wonder for the human body.

Make sure that you stock up your kitchen cabinet with fennel seeds if you already do not have some of it because it is loaded with some health benefits that we will look at very shortly. It can be obtained from Fennel Seeds Suppliers all over the country.

What Are The Nutrients Present In Fennel Seeds

The nutrient values of fennel seeds are high. It has:
• Vitamin C
• Potassium
• Manganese
• Iron
• Folate
• Fibers
• Phytonutrients
• Volatile oils

Health Benefits Of Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are loaded high with numerous health benefits like:

Fights Bad Breath

Bad breath is a huge problem with many people but it can be beaten by chewing on a few seeds of fennel, not only after meals but at any time of the day. It helps to freshen and make sweet one’s breath. Chewing on the seeds makes the bad breath go away. No matter what pungent food is consumed, it does help in fighting and keeping at bay bad breath.
Another way of getting rid of bad breath is gurgling with lukewarm fennel tea to fight bad breath. There are many Fennel Seeds Exporters In India exporting this wonder spice to many countries in the world.

Helps In Digestion

Fennel is a highly instrumental spice that aids in digestion. Not only digestion, but it also helps ease bloating, flatulence, constipation, colic, intestinal gas, heartburn, and irritable bowels. It even has the power to stimulate and boost digestion and has carminative effects that have calming and cooling effects on the digestive system, especially after radiation or chemotherapy.

Relieves Water Retention

Many people are seen with swollen feet. This mostly happens due to water retention in the body. But amazing as it may sound, drinking fennel tea regularly helps in expelling out the excessive fluids from the body, thereby acting as a diuretic.

When excess fluids are flushed out from the body, even puffy eyes are got rid of. This can be achieved by applying strong fennel tea under the eyes. In addition to these benefits of flushing out excess fluids, it also flushes out toxins.

Reduces Obesity

Consumption of fennel seeds helps in tackling obesity, a curse for many today. It keeps the diet in check by suppressing it, working as a natural fat buster. Consuming dry roasted fennel seeds that are ground and mixed with warm water and drinking it helps in reducing fat.

Protects Against Cancer

It helps in decreasing the chances of colon cancer by removing carcinogenic toxins from the body. The phytonutrient anethole in it has anti-cancer effects.
Relieves Menstrual Woes
It relieves the menstrual woes that plague many women today because of a highly stressed-out life and poor nutrition. Its emmenagogue properties and phytoestrogens help in premenstrual syndrome. It also increases libido.

Treats Respiratory Diseases

Its expectorant properties relieve respiratory disorders like cough, cold, flu, and sinus congestion. Just by drinking warm fennel tea a lot of relief can be found.

Relieves Cardiac Problems

Consumption of fennel seeds helps prevent heart attacks and strokes by reducing blood pressure and converting the dangerous homocysteine into a benign form. The raw form reduces cholesterol build-up.

Promotes Eye Health

Fennel seeds help to reduce pressure in the eyes, and it also helps to dilate the blood vessels. It prevents glaucoma and retinopathy also.

Improves Memory And Brain Function

Fennel seeds are a wonder in boosting the brain and its functions. It improves cognitive performance, encourages electrical conduction throughout the body, and increases oxygen supply to the brain.

By now, we know the numerous health benefits, and so many Fennel Seeds Exporters are aggressively marketing the product not only in the domestic market but all across the globe.

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